Practice with Alexey SPOT TURN in Rumba

This video is detailed explanation and practice of SPOT TURN in rumba based on

7 very important tips.

Here is list of the tips :

  1. Have the best posture you can

  2. Know your alignment (direction and amount of turn)

  3. Transfer full body weight on the turning leg

  4. Use you free foot to support your turn

  5. Use settling action of a hip during the turn

  6. Use spotting technique

  7. Practice VERY slowly

    Have fun guys !

Must see "Rumba Workshop" by Troels Bager and Ina Jeliazkova.

In this workshop Troels and Ina covering a lot of super useful, fundamental information in Rumba. They talk about pendulum action in hips, rotation and settling. Importance of becoming sensitive to all of this actions separately before you blending them together.

Must see

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